Free Wifi in Sardinia

Finally take advantage of your holiday in Sardinia without the worry of not having an Internet connection.

free wifi in sardinia

Thanks to Free Wi-Fi in Sardinia you can view the list of hotspots and their respective positions available in Sardinia, even offline. Information provided by the region of Sardinia.

-Search nearby hotspots
-Search by address
-Search by postcode
-Search by locations (i.e. Town, City, Region etc.)
-Search by tourist attractions
-The fantastic search by beach

Results are annotated on maps or visualized in table format.

free wifi in sardinia

free wifi in Sardinia available on the App Store

Take advantage of your holiday with Free Wi-Fi in Sardinia!

FreeWifi in Sardinia is completely independent from and not tied to the Region of Sardinia nor to the Surfinsardinia project.
Special thanks to Jonny Cannuccia.


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